The Welsh Health Minister was left red-faced this afternoon as he was caught critcising a fellow Labour Assembly Member during a virtual Senedd session. Vaughan Gething, once a contender for Welsh First Minister, was overheard in the midst of a swearword-ridden rant towards Cardiff Central AM Jenny Rathbone.

In a NSFW tirade, Mr Gething is believed to have said “I know Jenny is regularly behind, but right at the end, it’s like what the f*** is the matter with her…”. The ouburst was caught live on the Welsh Assembly livestream which was quickly cut off following the incident.

The Senedd became one of the first parliaments in the world to hold a virtual plenary session last week and, before today at least, the only hiccups had been technical. The House of Commons has since followed in their footsteps, holding the first virtual Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday afternoon.

The leader of Plaid Cymru, Adam Price, and the leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly, Paul Davies, were quick to condemn the Health Minister and both called for his immediate resignation. Shortly after, Mr Gething offered a public apology to Jenny Rathbone via Twitter but was yet to recieve a response.